The Elbow Replacement System involves surgically replacing bones that make up the elbow joint parts (prosthetic-components). Tipmed Elbow Prosthesis consists of 6 pieces which are respectively, elbow prosthesis locking screw, elbow prosthesis pin, elbow prosthesis humerus shaft, elbow prosthesis uhmwpe bush, elbow prosthesis radius shaft right and left. The Tipmed Elbow prosthesis is intended for the followings, bone injury or bone loss contributing to elbow instability, abnormal stiffness, immobilitiy and consolidation of the elbow joint painful deterioration of the elbow joint cartilage, painful inflammation in the lining of the elbow joint, arthritis resulting from physical injury to the elbow joint, elbow joint instability or loss of motion, which can not be satisfactorily addressed by more conservative by more conservative treament option, a previous elbow joint replacement which has worn or failed.

The Elbow Prosthesis is a hinge-type joint allowing mostly flexion and extension and it is designed and manufactured with right and left version to fit perfectly to the anatomy and minimize intramedullary rotation in both the humerus and ulna. The design of metallic hinge pin connector of ulnar and humeral components and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) bushing are used to prevent metal to metal contact.