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Longer life expectancy in the world has also caused an increase in the number of elderly people in our country and consequently there has been an increase in the frequency of degenerative joint disorders as far as orthopaedic surgery is concerned. The rise in the cases of osteoarthritis of the knees and hips has been especially outstanding and consequently arthroplasty treatment has gained great popularity in the last 20 years. In this sense, our company TIPMED offers to our esteemed health care professionals various alternatives for the treatment of osteoarthritis with options of knee and hip prostheses in our product range.


Our group of products of cemented total knee prosthesis contains two types of such prosthesis as posterior stabilized and cruciate retaining offered in alternatives of application in mobile or fixed insert by means of tibial component. Our total knee prosthesis are produced of high crosslink polyethylene (UHMW-PE) and have deep dish particularity. In addition our knee prosthesis are also offered with TIN coating (coated with titanium nitride), a particularity that improves the biocompatibility of prostheses.  


Total hip prostheses are presented as cemented and uncemented options; we also offer the alternatives of anatomic and square femoral stem prostheses. Our uncemented prostheses are offered in hydroxy apatite and porous plated alternatives.


An increase in the primary total hip arthroplasty operations in recent time has caused an increase in revision operations as well. Our company TIPMED is always on the side of our esteemed orthopaedists offering them the revision total hip prostheses as modular and mono bloc in cemented and uncemented options.


Elderly people often suffer from humeral traumas. Our range of products contains solutions for such disorders as well. Here we offer total and partial humeral prostheses which are especially applied for the treatment of multi-piece humerus upper end fractures and rotator cuff arthropathy.